Time Bandit

My name is “Time Bandit” and I’m a 1939 Chevrolet – 4 door Master Deluxe with suicide doors. I am owned by Jerry & Linda. After over 75 years, I still live a wonderful life thanks to Jerry. In 1988, Jerry rescued me from a field in Kennewick, WA. He took a body/fender class at the local college and began to start my comeback. He used a 74 Chevy running gear and a Cadillac interior. He painted me Porsche Guards Red, added dice accents and I rolled out in 1991. I’m the ultimate in recycling.

1994, he re-built my engine, added three deuces and digital dash. 2003, he changed my upholstery to seats from a Chrysler LeBaron – gray with red inserts on the seats, door panels and trunk and I got LED tail lights.

2007, after some body work, I came home in flat black primer. So after all those years of being a Red Chevy, a change to suede sounded like fun.

Jerry had won an engine at a car show, so in 2008 decided it was time to replace my running gear. Changed the upholstery red inserts to black, put on fender skirts, built a new dash, installed a one piece bent windshield and added chrome wheels, wide whites and bullet accents. Paint – Gloss Black with Flattener by Pete Salazar. Pin Striping – Lime Green by Dave Austin

2011, gas prices rising, so changed my running gear to 86 Corvette fuel injection and 700R4 overdrive trans – added lime green & chrome.

I have brought Jerry & Linda tons of memories and joy. I have taken them on most of their vacations including two 5000+ mile trips to Branson, MO in

2003 and St. Paul, MN in 2008. Their children used me as their get-away car for their weddings. I really enjoy taking their two granddaughters for rides. Because of me, Jerry & Linda have met many car enthusiasts and made many friends at car shows and through several car clubs – Columbia Classics, Puget Sound Limiteds, Boeing Stratocruisers and Thursday Night Garage Assoc. (TNGA).

Jerry also had lots of friends helping him with my massive restoration project, with special thanks to Ted, Clark, Doug, Terry, Phil, Don & Terry.

Linda provided the photographic history.

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